Saturday, January 30, 2010

hay and cheese sandwich?

howdy folks!

today was the day of hay replenishment-- tom went to a hay auction in zeeland and brought back 110 bales (including some alfalfa which the does will get closer to kidding time). we unloaded the wagon and truck and stacked it all up in the barn this afternoon-- whew. i am enjoying getting acquainted with hay-- it gets in your clothes like the stray, itchy bits of a haircut-- can't wait to learn about harvesting and baling in the summer! the barn cats liked the new hay quite a bit too-- they couldn't get enough of exploring and sniffing. (the cats are named pumpkin and betty white, by the way-- bet you can't guess which one is which).
so now the little goats will stay warm and full through the rest of winter-- it's nice to see hay bales stacked up to the ceiling again. ah, the transformations-- sunlight, grasses and legumes, hay, milk, cheese!

okay, next time: cheese lesson.

farewell for now and happy full moon!

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