Tuesday, February 23, 2010

equinox approaches, the sap begins to flow, and thoughts of spring training...

hello hello!

took a little break... still continuing in the slow & steady pace of winter here. Feeding animals, lots of washing and cleaning in the creamery pre- and post-cheesemaking projects, and a little bit of greenhouse work-- I got inspired by the sunny, warm-er days of last week with a bit of spring frenzy-- spring is on the way and I need to get moving with starting seeds!

Goat kidding will begin on March 5 if everybody's on schedule-- then things will get new and different again for me, and busier. Goat babies and milking and goat cheese!

In the spirit of the upcoming maple syrup season, I too have been feeling my sap starting to flow when the sun comes out-- I want more movement and work and stretching in my limbs, want to take the light into my core.

And stall cleaning-- let's not forget that-- we finally embarked on this project-- renewal in preparation for spring and the messy process of birth and tiny tender new life. Cathy and I did three of the smaller stalls-- two last week, one today. Two more to go, but they're less built up with packed manure bedding than the ones thus far. It's good sweaty work for your back and arms. I missed out on cleaning the big stall, which Cathy said took 4.5 hours of 2 people working... whew. I was off watching a bout of roller derby in Grand Rapids with Kristen-- it was pretty rad-- speedy tough ladies and full contact on wheels! Kristen is just beginning roller derby training with the GR league-- lots of practicing and many skills to master before you can try out for a team, but it sounds super exciting! and I am pretty proud and impressed by her.

I need to learn how to skate before I contemplate roller derby, but it seems like such an awesome sport and really amazing & intensive training process-- it's cool to think about trying something new that requires you to learn how to do so many new things with your body-- it's like a dance and a race with all the body checks of a hockey game and a really interesting team dynamic-- this kind of melding definitely appeals to me.
But at any rate, Kristen's fledgling RD career has got me thinking about practice and training for something in general... I'm interested in other people's thoughts on the idea of training. Experiences of training are even better.

Anyway, that's where I'll leave it for now.
maple syrup and melting snow and much love!

p.s. above are more goat pictures, just for fun-- snapped these in january: goat stretch/scratch (Leonidis), goats at rest (Hedy is the brown one and I think that's Haley?), and goats in profile (Tribute and Dottie).

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